Route Champlain

Ontario’s Champlain Tourism Route

In 2015, the Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO) began developing Ontario’s Champlain Tourism Route, a project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

The SÉO continues to work actively, with many partners, to market this historic route that showcases Ontario’s Francophone culture and contributes to the economic and cultural development of Ontario’s Francophone and bilingual communities.

The Champlain Route is:
  • a multi-activity itinerary that offers top-quality French and bilingual cultural and tourism experiences
  • 55 tourism businesses and other organizations that are certified for providing services in French and that offer themed experiences targeting Francophone and “Franco-curious” visitors from Canada and other countries
  • 18 inventoried, documented historic sites
  • a cooperative effort by over 50 partners.

The Champlain Route: a journey through history

Many European explorers passed through what is now Ontario, but French explorer Samuel de Champlain was one of the first and the most important.

Champlain was not only a great explorer but also a fine mapmaker, a great naturalist with a special interest in the uses of plants, and an avid student of Indigenous people and cultures.

Ontario’s Champlain Tourism Route is inspired by the major expedition that Champlain led through what is now Ontario from 1615 to 1616. This Route is built around experiences that reflect the explorer’s adventures and offer services in French or in French and English.

Walk in Champlain’s footsteps! Take Ontario’s Champlain Tourism Route and enjoy unforgettable visits, products and experiences.

Download a detailed map of the Champlain Route here (PDF)

Carte de la route touristique Champlain



Discover your inner explorer: take a trip on Ontario’s Champlain Tourism Route!