Support for Businesses
Support for Businesses

Starting and Growing Your Business with Help from the SÉO

With its vibrant network of Francophone business people and partner organizations, the Société économique de l’Ontario (SÉO) fields the experienced team you need to help you start and grow your business. The SÉO offers entrepreneurs a complete program of training and direct support, in French, to help you make your business decisions and prioritize your business needs effectively.

The services that the SÉO offers include customized advice, online training, group workshops, networking events, access to entrepreneurial resources and support for financing.

Online Training on Starting a Business

If you’re starting a business, here’s your first step, for free: the SÉO offers you 10 modules of online training, with supporting documents and templates, to help you develop your business concept and build your business right. And you can take this online training at your own pace, wherever you want. 

Customized Advice

The SÉO offers you customized consulting sessions with a certified business advisor. At these sessions, your advisor will use a tool called GrowthWheel to guide you and show you where and how to focus your efforts effectively. Together with our catalogue of easy-to-use visual tools, our advisors will become indispensable to you. They’ll help you to make the right decisions at the right time for the greatest impact on your business.

Our Mentorship Program

With our mentoratSÉO Program, we focus on building mutually beneficial relationships! The mentee receives advice from experienced entrepreneurs as well as encouragement and confidence building, and the mentor gains insight into new ways of doing business.

Our Mentorship Program

Group Workshops in Entrepreneurship

No matter what stage you are at in developing your business, SÉO’s entrepreneurship workshops, led by consultants who are experts in their fields, will provide you with excellent professional development as well as exceptional networking opportunities. 

Networking: connect with your Francophone and bilingual business community

With its extensive network of Francophone and bilingual business people, the SÉO offers you numerous networking opportunities everywhere in Ontario. The networking opportunities provided by our various events will open doors and connect you with new customers, partners, employees, mentors and investors.

Financing: the key challenge

Financing often poses a major challenge for people starting a business. Our advisors are available to guide you in your search for financing and to help you prepare your business plan and funding applicatons.

To work with the SÉO’s entrepreneurship experts, contact us now!
Success Stories
  • Ali Bahri
    Thanks to the SÉO’s guidance and its mentoring program, I was able to get my first real work experience in Canada as a bilingual immigrant and become familiar with how the Canadian job market works.
    Ali Bahri
  • Assïatou Dialo, CEO
    The SÉO’s Structured Mentoring Program does a great deal to strengthen Ontario’s Francophone and bilingual economic space, because immigrants are the main source of growth in the work force. Company : TAAB Cleaning Inc.
    Assïatou Dialo, CEO
  • Colette Soret
    It’s not very often that you come in contact with a provincial network like the Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO). My husband and I have benefitted from the SÉO’s personalized guidance for over a year and a half.
    Colette Soret
  • David Nanta
    Through its various programs, the Société Économique de l’Ontario provides a real value-add for a knowledge of the economic market of the most dynamic province in Canada.
    David Nanta
  • Mehdi Noureddine
    SÉO’s services were a great help to me in planning my job search as a newcomer to Canada.
    Mehdi Noureddine
  • Jaoued Bourzik
    I want to offer you our support for the community of newly arrived Francophone immigrants and for your mentoring program, which have enabled us to recruit highly talented people who have become invaluable assets for our growing company. Company : Hertz Canada
    Jaoued Bourzik
  • Ali Soumah
    I want to thank you for your help in coordinating the interviews and the training of the candidates whom we have hired. Many thanks for helping our Francophone business community and for assisting in the economic development of small and medium-sized businesses. Company : A.S. Business Center
    Ali Soumah
  • Audric Zedong
    Long before I arrived in Canada, while I was still in Cameroon, my SÉO counsellor took wonderful care of me. She was dedicated and always there when I needed her. She and I went over everything that I needed to find a job and fit into Canadian society. The SÉO is like a big family. I can’t thank them enough, and I recommend them very highly
    Audric Zedong
  • Hosni Zaouali
    We would like to congratulate the Société Économique de l’Ontario for having set up this program. Over 60% of our employees at Voilà Learning have been immigrants. Without the SÉO’s help, without this program, we wouldn’t still be here today.
    Hosni Zaouali
  • Jean-Charles Tanzilli
    My husband and I benefitted from the SÉO’s services before and after we settled in Ottawa in July 2018.
    Jean-Charles Tanzilli