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The SÉO has three offices, in Ottawa, Toronto and Sudbury, along with 17 employability counsellors to help you at locations throughout Ontario. Ontario has job opportunities in every industry. We’re there to help you develop your work-immigration plan and make the right choice for your career, your education, or your job in Ontario.

Employability and Immigration Program

The SÉO offers a wide range of professional services to help Francophones  settle and find good jobs in Ontario:

  • Personalized meetings with your employability counsellor
  • Professional guidance regarding your skills
  • Advice and action plan for your job search
  • Information about the job market in Ontario
  • Help in writing your resumé (CV) and cover letter in accordance with best practices in Canada
  • Help in preparing for job interviews  - Practice interviews 
  • Employability training workshops
  • Access to job offers
  • References to employers and SÉO partner organizations
  • Networking sessions. 

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This program is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 

Structured On-the-Job Mentoring Program for Newcomers

The SÉO Structured Mentoring program ensures that the skills that you have acquired outside of Canada will be recognized by the best employers in Ontario. This program gives you focused guidance that makes it easier for you to enter the job market and find a job that matches your interests and your skills. 

The businesses that partner in this program commit to hire our candidates for jobs whose duties and responsibilities match the work experience that these individuals have acquired in their fields. 

The SÉO Structured Mentoring Program includes a process to help employers integrate these newly hired employees into their organizations smoothly. For the first four months that they are on the job, these employees are mentored by individuals assigned to make sure that they succeed in their new jobs.

This program is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada.


If you’re a woman and a newcomer to Ontario, and you want to have your qualifications recognized and build your dream career here, then the SÉO can help you secure equal rights and equal opportunities.

The SÉO offers a special program that promotes access to employment for French-speaking women who identify as members of visible minorities.

What does the law say?
  • The Ontario Human Rights Code legally prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status and family status, among other grounds.
  • The federal Employment Equity Act states that its purpose is to “achieve equality in the workplace so that no person shall be denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability” and, to fulfil this goal, “to correct the conditions of disadvantage in employment experienced by women [...] and members of visible minorities.”
  • This law also states that to achieve employment equity, two things are necessary: 
    • treating persons in the same way
    • special measures and the accommodation of differences.

In addition to the wide range of services that the SÉO offers you, we will give you personalized, in-depth support for your job search. We’ll help you to:

  • know yourself better so that you can market yourself more effectively 
  • identify the training that you need in order to meet your career objectives
  • join peer-support groups and networks to assist in your job search
  • contact employers
  • settle in the part of Ontario where you plan to live.

This program is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 


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Success Stories
  • Ali Bahri
    Thanks to the SÉO’s guidance and its mentoring program, I was able to get my first real work experience in Canada as a bilingual immigrant and become familiar with how the Canadian job market works.
    Ali Bahri
  • Taieb
    The SÉO gave me invaluable support in entering the Canadian job market. They helped me format my CV and conduct my job search, as well as through their Mentoring program.
  • Ashvin Sobhee
    I want to thank you for your commitment to helping me as a job seeker. I especially appreciated your responsiveness and how quickly you gave me an appointment to come see you. The advice that you gave me at our meeting was very effective and highly profitable.
    Ashvin Sobhee
  • Colette Soret
    It’s not very often that you come in contact with a provincial network like the Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO). My husband and I have benefitted from the SÉO’s personalized guidance for over a year and a half.
    Colette Soret
  • David Nanta
    Through its various programs, the Société Économique de l’Ontario provides a real value-add for a knowledge of the economic market of the most dynamic province in Canada.
    David Nanta
  • Saida Messaouidi
    I began working at TD Bank this week, and I want to thank you for having helped me get this job—I met the recruiters from TD Bank at your Meet & Greet event. Thank you for your help and for the contribution that you make to Francophone immigrants.
    Saida Messaouidi
  • Siham
    The preparation for the job interviews and the questions helped me a lot and let me give perfect answers to the various questions that I was asked.
  • Hajer Khedher
    Charlotte is highly professional. She gave me valuable, specific advice in my job search and has stayed in touch me with me to invite me to workshops and send me postings for job openings.
    Hajer Khedher
  • Camille Mauran
    It is essential to have this organization in Toronto to ensure the employability of Francophone immigrants and their sound development within the community.
    Camille Mauran
  • Stéphane Gauthier
    I wanted to thank you tremendously for your presence and moral support during the difficult times that I was going through. Your involvement was tremendous, and I might not have made it without you.
    Stéphane Gauthier