Ottawa, October 16, 2019

CEDEC and the SÉO join forces to enhance economic activity in Quebec and Ontario’s Official Language Minority Communities

The Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC) and the Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO) are pleased to announce their mutual commitment to support business clients wishing to expand interprovincial trade, and exchange resources and best practices in their respective areas of practice and expertise.

CEDEC and the SÉO have agreed to coordinate exploratory missions to create cross-border business links, share information about interprovincial entrepreneurial and employability opportunities, develop and promote cross-border travel routes connecting Official Language Minority Communities’ (OLMC) tourism products, and continue to cooperatively provide training opportunities for small business clients.

“CEDEC is pleased to work with the public, private, and civil society sectors of Quebec and Ontario to enhance economic activity that benefits Official Language Minority Communities in both provinces” said John Buck, President and CEO of CEDEC. “Greater interprovincial trade, more entrepreneurial activity between provincial jurisdictions, clearer identification of a broader scope of employment opportunities, and collective action to promote Official Language Minority Community (OLMC), tourism products are tangible ways to develop and secure greater social and economic benefits for OLMCs across Quebec and Ontario”.

"The SÉO is pleased to have reached an agreement with CEDEC, which will improve our ongoing effort to serve the minority linguistic communities in Quebec and Ontario,” stated Luc Morin, Executive Director of the SÉO. “Both organizations have several common collaborative economic development projects that will strengthen and promote prosperity of in our communities.”

La Société Économique de l'Ontario

The Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO), established in 2001, is a provincial network with a professional team that takes an innovative approach to economic development, entrepreneurship, employability and immigration. SÉO engages all of the Francophone and bilingual community’s stakeholders in fostering the prosperity of Ontario and Canada.


A global thinker and local actor, CEDEC facilitates collaboration across public, private, and civil society sectors to unleash and leverage creative potential and innovation that enhances economic activity benefitting English-speaking communities. Such collaboration creates forward-looking businesses, expands trade, future-proofs jobs, up-skills workforces, and ensures greater community resilience and prosperity.