Ottawa, April 30, 2018

Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement Annex on French-Speaking Immigrants SÉO Fully Satisfied!

Further to the release of the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement Annex on French-speaking immigrants, SÉO President Denis Laframboise made the following statement:
“The Société économique de l’Ontario is very pleased with the terms of the Annex on French-speaking immigrants, and congratulates the federal and provincial governments for their commitment to implementing realistic measures to attract more French-speaking immigrants over the next five years.
It is important to recognize that French-speaking immigrants choose Ontario as their destination for economic reasons above all others. This is particularly true for skilled workers. We are delighted that the Annex that has just been signed reflects this. As one of the provincial players in employability and immigration, SÉO fully supports the international promotion and recruitment strategy involving, among other things, job fairs. We were at Destination Ontario in Morocco, and we saw what an effective solution this is for recruiting candidates who meet Ontario employers’ needs for skilled labour. 
We know that successful immigration depends on rapid integration into the labour market. This Annex to the Agreement will strengthen our effectiveness in the field through more targeted recruitment and faster dissemination of the profiles of qualified French-speaking candidates in the labour market. In that regard, SÉO is pleased to see the federal government committed to better supporting Ontario’s efforts to expand its French-speaking labour force, the Express Entry program, and the single-window approach to matching French-speaking candidates with employers.
The importance of French-speaking workers to our province’s economic prosperity is undeniable. This addition to the Agreement will enable Ontario to increase the number of French-speaking immigrants and professionals from abroad who will come and help build its future and energize its economy.”


La Société Économique de l'Ontario

The Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO), is a provincial network with a professional team that takes an innovative approach to economic development, entrepreneurship, employability and immigration.  SÉO engages all of the Francophone and bilingual community’s stakeholders in fostering the prosperity of Ontario and Canada.